A Day in Bolton Abbey

A Day in Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey

The summer has officially arrived, so what better way to soak up all the heatwave we have recently been having in the UK. By going on a long road trip with the family and having a delicious BBQ.

Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire has such beautiful scenery, a place I would highly recommend if you ever down around the area.

When it’s warm, it tends to become packed as it was last weekend when I visited with the family. However, It was truly a perfect family day out and which you can literally spend your whole day there.

I and my family were organised enough to plan a whole week trip up north for our holiday before our road trip began. Bolton Abbey was our first stop after a wedding. The scenery was breathtaking and it certainly had some wonderful scenery around to admire and capture.

I truly loved the atmosphere and the people there, as people were sharing food with one and other, enjoying themselves playing all sorts of games with their family/friends. It gave it a good vibe to be surrounded with and spend time here.

My Experience

When we arrived at midday it already began to be really busy, but luckily we found a good spot in the middle to light our BBQ up. Whilst our food being cooked, the rest went to check out the river, with a calm stress-free sounding water going past the rocks.

When it was time for food, we got given a birthday cake by the people next to us as it was someone’s birthday next to us, a nice gesture.  In return, we gave them some chicken and lamb chops. We fried up burgers, chickens, onions, lamb chops and much more.

After a feast, we went exploring the attraction, which had some beautiful sights seeing. We started off by walking up the hill in order to get to the other side, where the Church was located. From a distance, it looked really nice with all the greenery, but up close it looked even amazing.

However, walking towards the large stone building, I spotted a nice little hidden gem, house on the way, that looked really nice with a bright green grass.

Moving on, the surrounding had some historical items around the church, but we all just walked around the building towards the bridge to cross back to the other side. Near the bridge, they had a stepping stone going across the river, which lots of kids went on instead. I opted against it and walked along the bridge instead, as I did not want to risk getting my clothes wet just in case.

Finally, going back to where we parked our car was one tiring walk as we went through such hills, like a worm pathway. Along the way, they had lots of mini activities for the kids to play on whilst people rested before moving on to the next one.

After our long walk, we saw a restaurant to dine, toilets to our left and on the right, I saw a really cool pirate ship sat on a small beach and two huge beach chairs.

I and my nephews went and sat on those huge chairs, which looked really cool on the pictures. I thought this was totally worth sitting down and taking images for the gram 😛

A beautiful sight of the river in Bolton Abbey
Another view of the river at Bolton Abbey
A hidden gem on the way to Bolton Abbey Church
A view of Bolton Abbey Church from a distance
Taking pictures on top of a hill of the stunning view
I managed to capture a gorgeous shot of the stone building
The surroundings around Bolton Abbey Church
Stepping stones
Nephew on a Beach chair
I and my nephews on a huge beach chair

Thanks for reading my blog post here, keep a look out for my next few posts, as it will include lots of scrumptious food from the places I visited whilst on my holiday up north.

Address: Bolton Abbey, Skipton BD23 6AL

Adil Musa


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