Exploring Dubai Mall – Things to do

Exploring Dubai Mall – Things to do

Visit Dubai 

A dream come true visiting the most spectacular city in the Middle East. Last week I took a chance to visit Dubai and the first thing I did was visit Dubai Mall by myself and it was simply the best experience ever. I managed to cover so many things within a short space of time that I had and that was only 4 days.

However, before I went out to Dubai, I had mapped out everything that I wanted to see and do each day. Planning ahead made me pretty pleased, as I managed to cover 90% of what I had on my list. Therefore, this blog will feature different parts of what I did here in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. This post will feature what I did on day one.


Starting my day in Bur Dubai at Arabian Park Hotel, where I stayed for 4 nights. This was an ideal place since most attractions were close by and the airport was a short distance away. I would say it was like a 10-minute drive from the airport, which was perfect. When I arrived in Dubai, I was so glad it was a short journey to the hotel, since I was totally knackered and couldn’t wait to hit the bed first thing as it was 4 am in the morning.

Once I had my power nap for 5 hours, I couldn’t hold my excitement as I took a taxi to Downtown Palace first thing to capture this exotic picture with the Burj Khalifa in the background. It was literally a 5 mins walk from the Dubai Mall. Definitely, one of my favourite spots to take photos with the beautiful background and exotic palm trees on the side. It’s free to visit and walk here, so you can take as many as you like.

You can check out my Day 1 Dubai Vlog here.

Downtown Palace walkthrough
Downtown Palace
Adil Musa at Downtown Palace

Burj Khalifa

Following on after capturing a few snaps and video from the magnificent Downtown Palace. I managed to walk past the spectacular Burj Khalifa with clear blue skies to reach the largest shopping mall in Dubai. There was so much to do here, where I literally spent hours and hours exploring so many wonderful things. It’s so huge that you can easily get lost trying to find where you started from. As there were many things to explore throughout Dubai Shopping Mall. However, I literally spent the first hour or so shopping around trying to potentially find any good clothes to buy. There are many brands which you get from the UK. This made me feel like this would be like a second home to me.

Breathtaking Burj Khalifa
Dubai Mall
Burj Khalifa
I Love Dubai!
Burj Khalifa with Chinese New Year Decorations

Dancing Fountains

Once it was 1 o clock, I went down to the apple store, where I caught the stunning dancing fountain show. These fountains turn on only during specific times and go on for 5 minutes. E.g. 1 PM, 1:30 PM and 2 PM during the day and then every half an hour after 6 pm until 11 pm. I managed to catch the fountain show performance during the daytime and night outside of the Apple Store. I highly recommend queuing up or watching outside of the Apple Store, since you get a fantastic view of the Souk, the dancing fountain and the Burj Khalifa altogether.

Saturday to Thursday
1:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:00 PM

Friday afternoon shows 1:30 PM 2:00 PM 2:30 PM

Evening Shows 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM every 30 minutes

The show is free to watch from any angle, but each time you watch it the views are simply breathtaking.

Start of the Dancing fountain show
Dancing Fountain Show outside Dubai Mall
Daytime Fountain Show outside Dubai Mall
Dancing Fountain show daytime
Magical to witness the dancing show

Attractions in Mall

Once the 5-minute performance of the fountain show was over. I went for another wander around the mall and one part that caught my eyes were these stunning built waterfall sculptures, which sounded so calming. The reason why I spent so long here at the Mall was that there were so many things to see, eat and explore. The stunning roses were on display from Forever Rose London and if you’re a Star Wars fan, you can go up close to Darth Vader and his army.

If you haven’t purchased a ticket for the aquarium, you can watch people scuba diving or fish passing by from the outside. At the time it was Chinese New Year, I saw Chinatown in the middle of the mall. As well as many Chinese decorations and activities happening all around the mall.

Human Waterfalls
Human Waterfalls at Dubai Mall
Chinatown in Dubai Mall
Forever Rose London
Chinese New Year Dragon Celebration inside the Aquarium
Sharks and fishes floating around the Dubai Mall Aquarium
Aquarium at the Dubai Mall
Skate at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink
Star Wars
Camel statue at the Souk
Interiors at Laduree Dubai Mall
Dinosaur Sculptures at Dubai Souk
Chinese Dragon swimming across Aquarium at Dubai Mall
The Souk inside Dubai Mall
Inside Emaar
Nightlife and views in Dubai

Food at Dubai Mall

As I felt hungry walking around, I had a list of places to eat. One of them was called ‘Cheesecake Factory’. Therefore, I went on the hunt to find the Cheesecake Factory at the mall for lunch. After wandering around for 10 to 15 minutes I managed to find the branch. Near towards this dinosaur sculpture, there is directly opposite ‘Cheesecake Factory’ restaurant. I ordered a burger meal and a cheesecake for dessert, which you will be able to find in another blog post.

Once I had my meal, I went to my favourite spot of the day which was the Aquarium where I got to see so many animals under the sea. The view walking through the tunnel was amazing as you can see sharks and small/large fish swimming around. However, I will save that moment for another post, so you look forward to that, as I’ve captured tons of photos from here.


Afterwards, I went to the spot where Papparoti was located. As I wandered around I spotted an ice rink for people to skate on. Papparoti was at another foodie place to visit on my list. I was pretty pleased to tick off another place for it as it was perfect for an afternoon tea/early dinner meal. I ordered the ‘Almond with Nutella‘ bun and it was scrumptious, really soft and ideal for an afternoon/evening meal.

One bun cost 12.75 Dirham, and from that, the extra cost depends on what you order. Almonds with Nutella cost 7.50 Dirham. The cost for me in total was 20.25 Dirham. I found it to be a pretty good price for one. Ordering 5 buns as the other option and was worth 55.75 Dirham, I would never be able to finish that hence I opted for one along with Karak Chai.

Papparoti (Almond with Nutella Bun) 20.25 AED
Ice Rink at Dubai Mall
People Skating at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink

Dancing Fountain

Finally, I went to see the dancing fountain at night, as many people have said the display looks way better to witness. Therefore, I got to see the best of both day and night. Then on top of that, there was a special light show on the Burj Khalifa 10 minutes later. Now, this was another magical showing with lots of beaming light and flashes, which went on for 5 mins.

Dancing Fountain during the night
The impressive dancing fountain in Dubai
Dancing Fountain Show at Night
Burj Khalifa Light Show
Burj Khalifa at Night

Thanks for reading and witnessing my journey to Dubai so far. Day 1 for me was pretty hectic arriving in the early morning and then heading to the mall right after. However, straight from the mall, I went to the Garden Glow to witness the unique theme park that enhances the world of creation and imagination. Until my next post, which will be Garden Glow. I’ll let you enjoy all the magnificent display from the Dubai Mall.

You can catch most of the highlights on my Instagram page. However, when I have a spare moment to upload my experience on YouTube, you will find out when it’s uploaded if you have subscribed already 🙂

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