Top 7 Hot Chocolates in London

Hot Chocolates in London

Hot Chocolates! Mmm!! Ever wondered where to find those perfect London-based hot drinks?

Look no further, London is always full of surprises, but you'll always want to take a break after wandering around and having a drink. By saying that you will love to indulge, and have a taste of these yummy hot drinks below regardless of what the season is. The list I've picked to share with you will make you want to dive in right away!

Starting off with the sweetest and most attractive of them all is the Blossom Hot Chocolates.

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Fatties Bakery - Hot Chocolate with Toasted Marshmallow £4

37 Maltby St, London, SE1 3PA

Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate
Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

A cup of delicious salted caramel flavoured topped with toasted marshmallow fluff is blow-torched in front of you, giving that extra yumminess to it. You will only find them over the weekend at Maltby St Market, check out their Instagram @fattiesbakery as they tend to update quite regularly whether they're in the market or at a different place.

Said Dal 1923 - Mocha with triple chocolate £5.30

41 Broadwick St, Soho, London, W1F 9QL

Mocha at Said Dal 1923

This is not a hot chocolate but comes close enough as the waiter recommended that Mocha was the best option to have. SAID Dal 1923 serves their drinks with a cup covered in milk, dark and white chocolate. This place tends to be packed, as it's a small cafe, so be ready to wait for seating.

Chin Chin Labs - Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate £4

49-50 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF

Toasted Flame Marshmallow

Hot chocolate may look amazing but can give you a rich taste. Vegetarian-friendly, toasted marshmallow fluff, which makes it that extra appealing. That sweetens the taste, giving it a nice balance of flavours in your mouth.

Dark Sugars - Hot Chocolate £4

124-126 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU

Dark Sugars Hot Chocolate

This drink is made from cocoa powder topped with chocolate shavings and filled with spicy cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon or chilli. The vibe here you tend to find it pretty fun, especially if you visit on the weekend.

Choccowoccy Doodah £4-6

30-32 Foubert Pl, Carnaby, London, W1F 7PS

Traditional Hot Chocolate at Choccywoccydoodah

Traditional hot drinks but not too sweet, their Belgian flavoured drinks are topped with generous and genuine table service. Although the shop is pretty busy on weekends, there is always the possibility to reserve your table online.

Mamason's Dirty Ice Cream - Ube Hot Cocoa £4

91 Kentish Town Rd, London, NW1 8NY

Delicious Ube Hot Coco!

This new hot cocoa is made with Ube & white chocolate covered with Ube wafers and to finish the look it gets topped with Ube whipped cream! Believe me, you will want to come back for more!

Leto Cafe - Golden Crush Dark Hot Chocolate £5.50

149 King’s Road, London, SW3 5TX

Hot Chocolates
Golden Crush Dark (@lettocafe)

There is more than just this Golden Crush Dark at Leto Cafe. Such as the Rose Petals & Pistachio White Chocolate, Raffaello White Chocolate and a few others, which are great options. However, this one will make you want to visit right away to try one of these delicious looking hot chocolates.

Knoops - 69 King's Road, London, SW3 4NT

Hot Chocolate at Knoops
Vegan Hot Chocolate at Knoops (credit @knoopschocolate)











I hope you liked this delicious looking list from London, which I gathered together. Hopefully, this will provide you with lots to explore and experience when you're down in London. Feel free to share my post with your audience or let me know on Instagram or in the comment section what your favourite hot drinks places are?

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