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New Yorker Diner – Manchester

New Yorker Diner

Last week was the start of an annual charity week. Many restaurants across the UK were involved and had partnered up with Islamic Relief. New Yorker Diner being one of them, I was approached and sent over by Islamic Relief to try out one of the monstrous-looking burgers.

For those restaurants who partnered up with Islamic Relief, the donation was raised for orphans & needy children. What better way to give back good-by helping towards an important charitable cause as well as enjoying a good meal.

Already a massive over £200,000 have been raised for the important needs. This goes on until 4th November, so you’re out and about for upcoming days, so you can take part in any of the following listed places below.

From restaurants to dessert places you can choose from many places across London, Leicester, Manchester and the North West areas.

22 Oct – 28 Oct:
@bandofburgersuk (Brick Lane, London)
@thegreatchaserestaurant (London)
@chitchaatchai (London)
@fatburgeruk (Wembley, London)
@smokyboys (Watford & Hounslow, London)
@lemonpepperleic (Leicester)
@newyorkerdiner (Manchester)
@waffleandscoop (Leicester)
29 Oct – 4th Nov:
@bandofburgersuk (Camden, London)
@annajeebhq (Leicester)
@chaiiwala (UK wide)
@heavenlydesserts (UK wide)

During my visit to Manchester, before heading to the New Yorker Diner. I did what I love to do is explore new places. As I had a whole day to myself, I went around the City Centre, shopping mall, town hall, Library and Museum like a tourist.

New Yorker Diner is located on one of the busiest roads near Piccadilly Gardens. The staff were expecting me, so I was greeted by the co-owner and was shown what I could order.

Food at New Yorker Diner

However, as I saw some of the pics beforehand, I opted for the waffle burger and was recommended ‘Chili Mac N Fries’. I went during lunch hours as I planned to go home back to London straight from here as the station was close by. It was quite busy, at the start but as I stayed for longer it became quiet.

As I took a seat in the middle, where the light would be best I was provided with a buzzer when it vibrates, it goes to show your food is ready to be collected. An ideal way to save people coming to the tills often is to check if their orders are ready.

The interiors here at The New Yorker Diner have plenty of room for people to sit in groups of 4-6. Covered with tube lights and bulb lights, the room brightens up as much as it can during daylight. They also have two TVs showcasing their menus and a room full of wooden tables with leather seats around the room.

New Yorker Diner - Manchester
New Yorker Diner


After 20 mins or so of waiting for my burger and fries to arrive. It was the arrival of my food and boy it was humongous. After all, it is an ‘American Street food’ restaurant and American style food tends to be a big portion. The waffle burger was really satisfying, if you’re a chicken lover then this burger alone will fill you right up.

I seriously found it difficult to finish my ‘Chili Mac N Fries‘ as it was way too much. The fries were full of cheese, beef chilli at the top and chips underneath. If only I had enough space for more but unfortunately not. I would say this dish is ideal to share with another person if you’re going to order their main burger.

Although, I managed to finish the dessert as I waited for 15 minutes or so before having it. A meal without having dessert is never a meal. The dessert they recommended and provided me was the ‘New Yorker Dessert‘ a dessert filled with Nutella spread, vanilla ice cream, Ferrero Rocher, wafer roll, finished with chocolate fudge & sprinkles. It was yummy to eat and looked pretty good too.

New Yorker Diner - Manchester
Inside the New Yorker Diner
New Yorker Diner - Manchester
Buzzer waiting for the food order
New Yorker Diner - Manchester
Dessert menu at New Yorker Diner
New Yorker Diner - Manchester
New Yorker Diner Food Menu
New Yorker Diner - Manchester
Chilli Mac N Fries £4.49
New Yorker Diner - Manchester
Dirty Harry £9.49
New Yorker Diner - Manchester
Chilli Mac N Fries £4.49
New York Diner
New Yorker Dessert £5.85


Overall, this place was pretty different and I was satisfied with it. It seems more popular for students and young guys to hang out with their friends. The staff were ever so lovely as we were chatting for an hour or so. People mind their own business and it’s a small place to just to chill out and enjoy a meal.

My favourite part of my meal was the burger as that looked so good, but I just about managed to complete the burger. The portion here is quite huge, so be wise when choosing your food. The value for money is excellent as here in London you’re charged double. The wait can be quite long as the staff are new, so expect some delays to your orders. Especially when the room is full it tends to be busy at certain times.

What could they improve on?

I’d probably say their service as they are not always the quickest. Also, if they could show on their menu or let their customers know about the extra charge, as I’ve seen many other food critics complain about that. What they could add to their dessert menu would be a fondant, which people tend to love to have.

Food: 7 out of 10
Service: 8 out of 10
Atmosphere: 6 out of 10
Price: 8 out of 10
Experience: 9 out of 10

Overall: 7.6 out of 10 for this restaurant. If you’re ever near the city of Manchester, it’s an ideal place to grab lunch during your lunch break or after hours.

Address: New Yorker Diner, 48 Portland St, Manchester, M1 4QU,
Website: http://www.newyorkerdiner.co.uk/#food
Tel:  0208 617 7835

“Charity does not decrease wealth”

Thanks for reading my blog post, did you or will you be taking part in Charity Week. Let me know what you got up to?

Adil Musa

Disclaimer: I was invited here for a complimentary meal.

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