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Nosh Restaurant & Banquet

Nosh Address: 11-13 Clements Rd, Ilford, IG1 1BH
Nearest Station: Ilford Station (Elizabeth Line)
Tel: 020 8514 7550

Nosh Ilford is a new hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Ilford's dining scene. A plus side is that it is HMC-certified for those wondering about the halal status. Having recently dined at this establishment, it offers a quirky culinary experience bound to leave a lasting impression. Especially when they have robots serving you the food, providing a unique experience in Ilford.

I visited this restaurant when they had a 25% offer going on. It is ideal if you are ordering or want to try the pricey dishes as they cut the cost of 25% whichever dishes you order. However, they still have a reasonably priced menu.

Nosh Experience

You are greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere inside Nosh. The interior is quite stylish as it's near the boujee side of Ilford. It's decorated with modern and traditional elements, creating a cosy yet elegant dining space. The dimmed lighting adds to the overall charm, making it a perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. The staff at Nosh Ilford were friendly and approachable. However, as it was new, I noticed a lot of glass broken with the use of robots and how fragile they were.

We were served promptly and never felt rushed, allowing us to savour each dish at our leisure. Although it was less busy because we went for afternoon tea time, we got good seats.

What we ordered (excluding the 25% discount)

  • Mix Grill for 2 £18.95
  • Dabba Gosht £11.50
  • Nosh Mocktail £5
  • Butter Naan £2

Mix Grill (sharing for 2)

This was an excellent way to share and sample the various grilled meats. Even though you had a lot of options to choose from on your platter. You had two pieces of achari chicken chops, two pieces of malai chalgoza chicken, two pieces of tandoori lamb chops, and two pieces of lamb sheekh kebab on your plate. Hence, this was our standout dish, the look of the mixed grill looked appetising.

Mix Grill
Mix Grill

Dabba Gosht

This was a popular dish that originated in a Mumbai-based Parsi restaurant. Lamb is cooked in a rich cashew gravy and baked with tomatoes, fried potatoes, and cheese. This was recommended to me by my family, although it was a miss for me because neither my wife nor I enjoyed it. As it was too cheesy and oily, and it didn't taste as good as we expected, especially with potatoes inside.

Dabba Gosht

Nosh Mocktail

Furthermore, a couple of mocktails were available on the menu, but one in particular stood out. In fact, I found it delightful and refreshing, with a subtle blend of pineapple and various other fruits that combined to create a unique flavour. Additionally, it was one of the visually appealing drinks that I couldn't resist capturing with my camera.

Nosh Mocktail


As a result the interiors of Nosh had a charming ambience, with floral arrangements adorning the front dining area and soft, dimmed lighting. Thus created an inviting atmosphere suitable for a romantic or casual dining experience. What truly caught my attention, though, were the robots delivering food to customers. I had never witnessed such a unique feature in a restaurant beforehand, and it was a pleasant surprise to have this innovation available in my local area. What's more the cosy seating arrangements and an appealing logo in one corner provided the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos.

Robot serving food
Robot serving food
Interiors at Nosh
Interiors at Nosh


Food: 7 out of 10
Service: 7 out of 10
Price: 7 out of 10
Experience: 9 out of 10
Presentation: 8 out of 10

Overall: I’ve given Nosh restaurant and bar a 7.6 out of 10.

Having seen that they are HMC certified. As a result many people will cherish this as it's a rare find to have a place that's local to many. However, the restaurant was a place that offered a memorable dining experience as they had delectable cuisine, a warm ambience, and attentive service. It's where you can celebrate special occasions or indulge in a fantastic meal. I would recommend Nosh to anyone looking for a refined dining experience in the Ilford area. They have a wide range of dishes to offer and plenty to experience.

The price range here was slightly higher without the discount rates. However, it is due to the experience you are paying for with the interiors and robots serving around. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my experience as I saw everything and had the robot serving experience.

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