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Peak District – The Heights of Abraham

The Heights of Abraham

Peak District Address: Dale Rd, Matlock, DE4 3NT

Thinking of an adventure here in the UK? You have to put Peak District on your list by planning a visit to Matlock Bath at the Heights of Abraham. I couldn’t recommend it enough, visiting here turned out to be worthwhile. You take a cable car flight through spectacular scenery up in the mountains surrounded by fresh air. Also, witness some of the most stunning scenery to have lunch as well as caves to explore, puppet shows and cable cars to enjoy.

How To Get Here?

The best thing to do is arrive as early as possible, as there are lots to explore. Not to mention, peak days and school holidays expect the car parks to be fully packed. Although, there are multiple car park spots you can park at:

  • Matlock Bath Train Station – DE4 3NT
  • Temple Road – DE4 3NR
  • Pavilion – DE4 3NR
  • Artist’s Corner – DE4 3PS

You can pay via the ticket machine or the payphone app.

If you are running late, DO NOT WORRY as they accept you regardless of the time, since the cable cars run until 4:30 pm. After, you’ve admired the cable cars view and journey. You will see a huge map as you enter filled with activities you can do. You can either take a booklet or download the app to have it on your device as you explore.

Heights of Abraham
Heights of Abraham
Heights of Abraham Map
Heights of Abraham Map

Explore Heights of Abraham at Peak District

Book yourself a day out with your friends/partner or families to explore the countryside. This spot will guarantee joy, being an award-winning attraction. There are lots of picturesque things to see for everyone as you have plenty to explore, such as

  • Museums
  • Gift Shop
  • Adventure Playgrounds
  • Woodland Walks
  • Two Guided Cavern Tour
  • Restaurant with an incredible view
  • Thrilling Cable Car
  • Puppet Show

If you’re staying nearby or arrive early, you will have plenty of time to see everything at Matlock Bath in Peak District. The town itself is wonderful to visit too as you have a long street of shops, cafes, an aquarium, museum and arcade.

Scenic Cable Car at Peak District
Scenic Cable Car at Peak District
Adventure Playground at the Heights of Abraham
Adventure Playground at the Heights of Abraham
Adil Musa at Heights of Abraham
Adil Musa at Heights of Abraham

Experience of Matlock Bath Peak District

We arrived at Peak District Matlock Bath at noon, since it was an hour and a half long car journey from Manchester. Hereon we headed straight to the cable cars as that’s where we bought our ticket for. Luckily, the car park was just a 3 mins walk from the cable car, so we went straight into the air.

This waterfall area is outside the gift shop after you’ve explored the museum spot.

Waterfall at Heights of Abraham
Waterfall at Heights of Abraham

Masson Cavern

The first thing we spotted was the Masson Cavern whilst wandering randomly. It was perfect timing as we went straight in, with experts providing visitors insights into the limestones and miners. The tour lasted around 35 minutes, with tons of steps to walk through. The caves itself was fascinating as you hear funny stories from the experts, light show as they switch from different colours and stories about the miners.

As you come out of the cavern tour, you will witness a spectacular view of Derbyshire. As, you oversee the mountains, trees and the town. The views are nice to admire as you have a snack or photoshoot away. Plenty of photo opportunities here, as you have rocks and areas to stand to view by binoculars.

View after Masson Cavern
View after Masson Cavern
Inside of Masson Cavern
Inside of Masson Cavern

Rutland Cave

Rutland Cave being the other tour, it was a cold cave but an easier guided tour as you walk straight through a tunnel to end. This one had interactive people giving speeches and insight on how miners work back in the old days. This tour lasted around 25 minutes providing, you with plenty of time to explore other activities and shows.

Vista Restaurant at Peak District

If you ever visit Peak District and go to Heights of Abraham. Dine at Vista restaurant because they had the most delicious food I had all week. We had the vegetarian options from the menu as it was not Halal, but I’d recommend anyone dine here. After long walks, you’re bound to feel hungry and this was the perfect spot with a view.

What We Ordered:

  • Fish & Chips £11.25
  • Vegetarian Burger £10.25

The prices here were reasonable compared to the food we had in Manchester, which didn’t turn out as good. At Vista restaurant, you have an option to dine indoors or outside on the balcony. I asked for the balcony view, where I managed to take some picturesque shots of the food and view.

Non-Beer Battered Fish & Chips
Non-Beer Battered Fish & Chips
Vegetarian Burger
Vegetarian Burger at Vista
Adil Musa enjoying food at Peak District
Adil Musa enjoying food at Peak District
A beautiful scene for seating opposite Vista Restaurant
A beautiful scene for seating opposite Vista Restaurant


When you buy a cable car ticket online this will include all the activities available at the Height of Abraham.

Adults £21
Child £14
Under 5s Free


To conclude, I have to start with making sure you have Peak District on your to-do list for next summer. Whether you’re looking for an adventure with your family in the UK next summer, make it a weekend or weekdays trip. Although you still have a chance as Heights of Abraham runs until the end of October. 

However, it’s best to go outside of school holidays and when the weather is good. There was so much to see and explore as it’s perfect for any age. My favourite personal experience was the cavern tour and having a delicious meal at Vista. 

Worth paying £21, I would say so as you get to explore so much for the whole day. It’s an award-winning attraction for a reason, as it’s great for adults and kids.

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Adil Musa

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